Just Reviews

The reviews by WizWar100 that are ‘Just Reviews’…Yeah that’s it…So check them out!

  1. Megaman 9 [Wii]
  2. Splatterhouse [TG16]
  3. Ultraman towards the Future [SNES]
  4. Goof Troop [SNES]
  5. Killing Floor [PC]
  6. Last Action Hero [SNES]
  7. Batman & Robin [SNES]
  8. Wild Guns [SNES]
  9. Porky Pig’s Haunted Holidays [SNES]
  10. Personal Nightmare [PC]
  11. Flight of the Falcon [GBA]
  12. Volleyfire [GB]
  13. Resident Evil Gaiden [GBC]
  14. Resident Evil Survivor [PS1]
  15. Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble [NGC]
  16. Odama [NGC]
  17. Chaos Field [NGC]
  18. Kamen Rider Ryuki [PS1]
  19. Zombie’s Revenge [DC]
  20. Dynamite Cop [DC]
  21. 16-Bit Winter One
  22. Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

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