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  1. Literally Hi!

    My name is literally Scotty Bishop, but you literally can literally call me StephanieSparda, as that’s literally the username I literally go by on YouTube nowadays.

    I literally love the word “literally” literally almost as much as I literally love making countdowns and game reviews on YouTube. Literally is LOVE. Literally is LIFE! Literally…IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!!

    In fact, literally everyone in the YouTube Video Game Countdown Community—RabbidLuigi, JoshScorcher, The Green Scorpion, Alex Rochon (a.k.a. our unholy lord and master, the Autarch of Flame) The Quarter Guy, Itiono Ben, Regnilla, literally all the literal scrubs from TheGamingFamily1 (literally including DigitalTy), Black Mage Maverick/Black Mage Benjamin, Skyward Wing/SkywardSan, Classy’s Top 10’s, PJ McDaid, Turnabout Robin, The Smartest Moron, NeoGameSpark, and literally so on—literally loves the word “literally” literally as much as I literally do. We also literally worship the literal ground that Cygnus Destroyer, the Brotherhood of Gaming, Matt McMuscles, Stop Skeletons from Fighting, Johnny Millennium the HappyConsoleGamer, RobMan, and literally even you, Wonrull, (even despite you literally only having literally 1.38K YouTube followers) literally walk upon because literally all of you literally get the reason why “literally” is literally the greatest word literally of all time. In fact, literally all of us literally should literally tear down all the world’s churches, mosques, and synagogues so that we literally can literally erect literal obelisks in their literal place in the name of the word “literally.” What literally do you literally say, Oh Literal One? I literally would literally like to literally know.

    Literally Yours,

    Scotty/Stephanie Bishop

  2. Please stop saying “literally.” You have NO idea how pretentious, dim-witted, self-entitled, unnecessary, and simply OBNOXIOUS this word has become over the past several decades on account of people’s bald-faced ignorance of its primary, natural definition and apparent need to use it as an emphasizer in their daily language. No matter who says it, be it the people at my job, the random joes and janes I hear on the TV or radio, or the nerds from social media or [Insert special interest community name here.] on YouTube, I always happen to hear or read one person or another apply it in a sentence to intensify the gravity of what he or she is talking about, and it always sounds so grossly immature, superficial, and downright ignorant that I want to either scream or vomit. Sometimes both. Seriously, I’d only spent a mere matter of MINUTES into SCXCR’s latest video, It Came from GameFly – Balan Wonderworld, and right away, you as his guest apparently couldn’t resist interject that word into what you were saying to emphasize the import of it. I don’t even remember what you were talking about at the time on account of that mindless, debased term sticking out like a sore middle finger, which is sadly the case with how most other people in the English-speaking world these days use the word in what they themselves are saying.

    You’ve got to understand that people have been taking issue with this habit since the mid-1990s when this whole “literally” fad officially dug its roots deeply into American pop culture. MadTV alone parodied the whole thing in its early years in its sketches with Nicole Sullivan and Michael McDonald as Judith and Clyde, for crying out loud, and yet, the fad just kept growing and getting worse until it’s reached the point it has today. I don’t care how many dictionaries like Oxford, Cambridge, or Merriam-Webster dared to defend the figurative use of “literally” (which first came to be on account of its use as an emphasizer in the first place) come 2013 when they finally caved in and accepted such a use just because of “popular usage” at the time. Grammar buffs left and right had every right to complain (or “lament,” as TheWeek.com oh-so-condescendingly put it at the time) about such application on account of how lazy, careless, overdone, and annoying it was then and still is now. I also don’t care how many celebrated authors from yesteryear used “literally” in such a fashion in their works, as such instances have only aged poorly over the years and come off as every bit as pretentious, reckless, and superficial. Besides, Edgar Allan Poe once started off his short story “The Black Cat” with the line “For the MOST WILD yet MOST HUMBLE narrative, which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief,” and modern English CLEARLY tells us all that the correct superlatives for “wild” and “homely,” respectively, are “wildest” and “homeliest.” At least in that case, however, one can forgive it to a point because the audience is reading the story as per the recount of its protagonist, who’s minutes away from being executed for the murder of his wife, and I’m sure the last thing on his mind is proper grammar, no matter what his social status prior to committing the crime that had landed him in hot water. I doubt all the same, though, that Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Jane Austen, H.P. Lovecraft, and so forth have that luxury in their own work. Don’t go giving me the whole “hyperbole” excuse, either, because “literally’s” definition means “exactly as worded WITHOUT hyperbole.”

    Bottom line: “Literally” the way we’ve come to use it nowadays—Generation Z, Millennials, generation X, baby Boomers, and even some members of the so-called “Silent Generation”—is not an “evolution” of language, but a regression to the days when we all should have come up with a single, solid use for the term and stuck by it. Heck, I’ve stopped listening to your fellow River City Gamer Blonde Guy Gamer because of his apparent inability to rid the word from his vocabulary, and even SCXCR until 2020 has had a habit of saying “literally” when the use of the word wasn’t necessary…and the latter has an ENGLISH DEGREE, for goodness’ sakes! That in mind, please stop saying “literally” yourself. I don’t care if what you’re doing as a YouTube game reviewer isn’t of a professional nature. This whole “literally” habit is still every bit as immature, irritating, shallow, and wasteful a linguistic fad as “like” has been since the 1970s, and it needs to stop on ALL fronts, your included. Keep in mind, too, that this isn’y coming from any kind of “grammar Nazi,” either, but from someone who simply wants to hear some intelligent, fun, and even informative background noise while working on his computer.

    Thank you.

    • Imagine actually being mad enough to write a whole ass essay about why they’re mad about the loose use of literally.

      This is comedic trolling at its finest, well done.

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