Username: ShadowSnake123
Comes From: Texas, USA
Reviewing Since: 2008
Favourite Games/Series: Devil May Cry, Kirby Super Star, Shin Megami Tensei, Mortal Kombat, F.E.A.R, Melty Blood, Ace Attorney.
Bio:  Shadow is a guy that loves fighting games and JRPGs. He is still in the process of trying to improve his ability to properly review games despite constant procrastination. He likes the code name Snake a lot in metal gear solid, as well as the term Shadow in various things in games. Due to this, he combine the two terms to come up with his absurd username ShadowSnake123. While currently he thinks of it as a cheesy name he decided to stick with since it grew on him.  Unlike most gamers who prefer playing multilayer, Shadow actually prefers playing solo in most games since he feels he can take the time to understand the games a lot better. Shadow started doing YouTube videos with his first review of the one the Bleach games. Like most users, Shadow hates his first review as well as some other videos. Shadow possibly has the most appreciate for Japanese games in the RCG group to the point that he even has a Japaneses PS2 in order to play imports. Shadow’s current series are Cross examinations which later will have Shadow acting as fictional detective while explaining the details of said game and demo nightmares where Shadow demonstrates that even mere badly presented demos that can sometimes be so bad that they can cause gamers to not play the full product in some cases.

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