[fearless] is what happens when SCXCR browses the horror tag on Steam.  He looks for questionably-made horror games and plays them, usually while streaming to his twitch channel with a few RCG friends.  He’s been at this since 2014 and somehow hasn’t abandoned all hope in humanity yet.

To view the playlist of every [fearless] video so far, click here.

Venal Soul (Chapter 1) – Residence Evil-ish

Zomby Soldier – Telekinetic Rag Dolling

Days Under Custody – “CATS♥ HA! HA!”

Whispers – Unloadable Content

Vapour – Part One of One

Dusk of Confinement – Learning to Fly

Gridberd – DJ Casey Shapens a Story

No Clever Name Edition (Remind Yourself, 24 Hours)

Joanna’s Life – This is the Game That Doesn’t End

Nightmare – Spooky Spaghetti’s Ride-Along

The Inevitability – All Aboard the Cliche Train

Turn Around – Achieving Nothing

Autumn Dream – Even the Menus Are Broken

Dark Egypt – An Uplifting Experience

Bunker 58 – Unfinished Game Simulator 2017

A Step into Darkness – Skinny

Apartment 666 – Not-So-Playable Teaser

SLG Remix – The “Remix” Means “Worse”

Double Header – Freedom. In Space.

Tungulus – This Looks Familiar…

Evil Spirits – Far Cry with a $5 Budget. And Evil.

Hellphobia – “Zombie Zoeds with a Better Budget”

VERGE:Lost Chapter – I Made a Terrible Mistake

Himiko – 頭が悪くて、気障なゲーム

The Last Patient – Losing Patience