Username: SCXCR
From: Ohio, USA
Reviewing Since: November 3rd, 2007
Favourite Games/Series: Bloody Roar, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, CarnEvil, MediEvil, Eternal Darkness, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Jet Set Radio, Secret of Mana, EverQuest
Bio: He’s played video games.  He’s crossplayed.  He’s tackled football players nearly twice his size.  He’s wrestled against Balrog and Captain Falcon (among others) at anime conventions.  He’s talked in the third-person.  SCXCR grew up near Cleveland, Ohio where he practiced the arts of music, pain, soccer and how to microwave a pretzel with cheese on it.  He currently lives near the aforementioned state’s capital where he still gets carded for buying spray paint despite being one of the oldest members of River City Gamers and stares at his Virtual Boy, wondering why he still owns it.

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