Username: OniRokaku
Comes From: South Carolina, USA
Reviewing Since: 2007
Favourite Games/Series: Gundam Game Series, WWE Series, Megaman Series

Bio: OniRokaku was once someone else in 2007, famous for his rant series. But even when it was getting stale, he opted for game reviews. He is the only person to use a Camera instead of a Capture Device and do it ok in some cases.

He joined Rawdown Rebound the same day it was made in the Summer of 2011 with MJ Knight, host of Knight Watch. With his IQ of Wrestling. Oni and MJ review RAW and Smackdown each week and give their thoughts. Especially the Big Four WWE PPVs. TNA does get it’s licks…but it feels more like acid! With a new Game Review Series down the road. Has Oni become a flash in the pan or has the Phoenix Rose?

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