Ask the Knight

Ask the Knight Spring 2014 screencap
My q&a series that my fans ask their questions

Episode 30: what do I think of Godzilla 2014
Episode 31: Ford Mustang UK Bound At Last
Episode 32: Austin or The Rock?
Episode 33: Changes
Episode 34: The Rock
Episode 35: Gerran Special
Episode 36: Sonic Boom
Episode 37: Worst Movie of the 2010’s?
Episode 38: WWE Undisputed or World Heavyweight Championship?
Episode 39: Knight Rider Movie Reboot?
Episode 40: Giant Robots or Giant Monsters?
Episode 41: Blood The Last Vampire
Episode 42: Gerann Special 2
Episode 43: Green Arrow
Episode 44: Live Action Disney Remakes
Episode 45: Gerann 3
Episode 46: David Goyer
Episode 47: Favourite Thunderbird?
Episode 48: Gerann 4

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