Username: BlondeGuyGamer
Comes From: Ontario, Canada
Reviewing Since: November 16th, 2007
Favourite Games/Series: Rocket Knight, Banjo Kazooie, Timesplitters, Tales of, Eternal Darkness, Metroid, Zelda, Castlevania, Okami, Beyond Good and Evil, Psychonaunts, Command & Conquer, The Neverhood

Bio: One day on the internet, yet another person who has gamed most of his life wanted to talk about video games after being inspired by others. He came up with the notion that since he was blonde, a guy, and a gamer, he would be known as Blondeguygamer, or just “Blondy” as his fellow RCG friends nickname him. Fortunately, more creative effort is put into his game reviews that cover a wide range of platforms and genres he owns and plays respectively.

While Blondeguygamer started out reviewing mostly slightly obscure games, he eventually focused on games that can be considered black sheeps, in a series or otherwise, for “Black Sheep Game Reviews.” Other shows include covering lesser known sequels for “They Made a Sequel?” and is currently working on a retrospective for the North American releases of Namco’s Tales of series.

He’s also the only member as of this bio description to have a Sega CD and a Turbografx16, the former of which other members have been giving him games for, which have been mostly FMV games. For better or for worse.

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3 responses to “BlondeGuyGamer

  1. What is with you YouTube gamers and your OBSESSION with the word “literally?” Seriously, I just now got done watching your TimeSplitters retrospective (which you’ve had up for three months now, but nevertheless) and became so METAPHORICALLY sick that I almost became LITERALLY sick on account of my desire to throw up. Thing is, the retrospective was fine up until you mentioned that such-and-such a thing was “LITERALLY the reason you wanted anything to do with…” … and as you could tell, I completely forgot what you were talking about despite otherwise paying close attention to the rest of your video beforehand. That’s because the word “literally” was just that out of place in the very sentence you were speaking and drew so much attention to itself that everything else became every bit as meaningless, and your sentence overall had very little (if any) effect in your presentation.

    So many of you YouTube gamers have this problem, no matter if you’re reviewers, LPers, gaming news reporters, or especially countdown makers. You think that the word “literally” makes ANY sort of good intensifier, but the truth is, IT DOESN’T. Every time you even TRY to use the term to elevate the gravity of whatever topic you’re covering, you either a) use the term in a FIGURATIVE sense, which is an outdated and pretentious application that one famous 19th-cventury author too many has used (hence why defenders of today’s use of the word “literally” constantly bring them up, even though 19th-century literary narrative is FAR from the same kind of communication as 21st-century professional and daily casual conversation), or b) use the term to describe something that is already apparently literal in nature, thus making you apply the word unnecessarily. I mean, come on! Where’s the equal yet inapplicable figurative element to that which one might say when one talks about “LITERALLY walking” somewhere, “LITERALLY filling” a pocket of naan, or “LITERALLY remembering” something? NOWHERE. Because either one did do something or one didn’t. One didn’t FIGURATIVELY walk over to another place via levitation, METAPHORICALLY fill a pocket of naan with foodstuffs by simply thinking about doing so, or FIGURATIVELY/METAPHORICALLY remember something by dreaming about it. Either those things happened, or they didn’t. There is NOTHING metaphorical or figurative about ANY of those instances.

    The thing, too, is that people’s constant misuse of the word “literally” has gotten so wide-spread and tedious that it’s become a crutch word—a word that the common Joe or Jane use as mindless filler to give himself or herself a mental break before moving on with the rest of his or her sentence. In fact, people have been complaining about its misuse since as early as 2005, if not sooner, and why not? The whole “literally” fad started off in the 1990s, after all, and hasn’t AT ALL slowed down to the point where the term’s figurative use (e.g., “I’m so hungry, I could LITERALLY eat a horse.”) has been accepted by numerous English dictionaries—including Oxford, Cambridge, and Merriam-Webster—much to the understandable dismay of grammar buffs everywhere. Even today, you’re sure to find a forum post somewhere on the Internet in which someone shares a complaint over how such-and-such a person uses or has used the word to a senseless, maddening degree. These people aren’t even “grammar Nazis,” either, but regular everyday folks who have come to find the word annoying on account of its “newly” developed status the most vapid, superficial, adolescent, amateurish, bastardized, and therefore soulless word in the English language since Valleyspeak turned “like” into the most obnoxious vocalized pause of the 1970s and 80s. It’s not even a Millennial/Zoomer thing, either, or even a social media/Internet thing, but a thing that even Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers have started to emulate both within and outside of the world’s pop culture bubble. Trust me…when countless hosts and guests of PBS travelogues, DIY shows, and the like have started using “literally” as carelessly as the textbook YouTuber, Facebooker, and Tweeter has, you know something has officially gone wrong in the world.

    Please, then, for the love of humanity and whatever divine power you believe in, pay close attention to your videos and take closer note of your mistakes—namely, in this case, your misuse of the word “literally.” You might not be as bad as the likes of Derek Alexander of Stop Skeletons From Fighting, Matt McMuscles, Maximillian Dood, Stephanie Sparda, ItionoBen, Falcon from GameRanx, Josh Scorcher, the Quarter Guy, and so forth have proven to be, but if you don’t stop yourself now, you just might join their ranks. Take it from a guy who no longer watches their crap.

    That goes for the rest of the RiverCityGamers, too. I’m sorry if I’ve sounded as though I’m talking down to you, BGG, but please…from a guy who just wants to hear grown men and women talk like grown men and women and not like dimwitted, oblivious, self-entitled teenagers…enough is enough with the word “literally.” It’s a weak intensifier that was never constructed for such a job and has for far too long been the most annoying word in the English language. My opinion, perhaps, but I’m standing by it.

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