Username: AngelHalo
Comes From: Texas, USA
Reviewing Since: 2008
Favourite Games/Series: Another World (PC and Sega CD versions) 

Bio: Video gaming since the Sega Genesis, developed memories with the bro and dad on the PC, got the N64 for Christmas with bunch of great games, watch the bro play PS1, and onward as I finally have the opportunity to recount my past experiences on video (as if the internet needed another game reviewer, but I digress).

I take great pleasure in chowing down on big juicy cheese burgers (vegetable ones included), nice cheesy (and full of spinach if possible) slices of Pizza, popping out my 3DS from time to time, cranking up the PS3, browsing on the computer, and just generally wasting my time, reading articles, going to school and work and all.  I’m easy going, ear popping, light hearted, lovable and caring.

The trials I go through in life, and in gaming, as I express the errors in those times.  The errors I intend to repair or avoid, as I hope anyone else who made these errors would do the same in their further trials.  Walk with me, discuss along the way, as I speak of the personal tales of my trials and errors!

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Trials and Errors Reviews

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