How It All Began…

RiverCityGamers started off as a group of YouTube users back in January of 2009.  Its founding members were primarily YouTube game reviewing personalities and consisted of Wizwar100, Blondeguygamer, WellUnreal007 and Yashanyu1.  While Yasha eventually fell into inactivity, the group continued on and formed friendships with other people online such as Zeromaster, AngelHalo, ShadowSnake123 and SCXCR.

Onirokaku would go on to join the official RCG site in November of 2012, doubling the original number of members to the RiverCityGamers.  While originally founded as a group dedicated to video gaming, the group now includes coverage of other fandoms such as super sentai and professional wrestling.

Later on other video producers would join such as Nightman39 and the site’s first European contributors, MJKnight and Amayirot Akago.

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