[1080P HD] Zatch Bell! The Card Battle Starter Sets 1 + 2 & Elite Set Review – Henshin Time?

Today we look at a TCG from an anime you probably forgot about.

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3 responses to “[1080P HD] Zatch Bell! The Card Battle Starter Sets 1 + 2 & Elite Set Review – Henshin Time?

  1. Hi,

    I’m a BIG fan of zatch bell. I have the 33 comics plus 5 in japanese. I also have three keyrings, one of zatch another one of ponygon and one of brago and sherry. Moreover I have 8 differents booster packs from collecions 2,3,5,6,7,9,10 nd 11, but all of them and all the cards in japanase. I found this booster packs in different ComicCons of my city (Barcelona) My dream is to have zatch bell ccg cards in english to be able to play with my best friend.
    Is there any possibility you can send me one or two spellbooks plus spare cards if you have so I can play with them? It would be so aaaawsomeee :blink:
    Or could you tell me where can I buy from spain? I found a website called stop2shop. I sended them a message but they didnt answer me, so I dont know if they are still working plus I am not overage so I don’t have credit card so I cannot pay via internet at least for the next 10months.

    Thanks for reading ,


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