The Spoony Experiment 4 Year Anniversary Tribute: Spoony Rage

It’s time once again to pay tribute to one of the wittiest guys alive: The Spoony One. For 4 years, he has provided us with hilarity, ranting, but most of all, with rage; rage against all the horrors that plagued pop culture in his childhood and continue to plague it today. With that in mind, enjoy this song on the various things that affect our favorite online critic’s state of mind.

Once again, a very special thanks to DJ Riggsmeister for the “Rage” instrumental version. Check out his channel and more of his excellent tunes here:

And of course, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out The Spoony Experiment here:

He’s playing Bayou Billy this time
Now he’s playing D&D this time
He’s playing Zombie Nation this time
Now he’s playing Robin Hood this time

He understands that Final Fantasy has a huge fanbase
That FMV games were made to make use of bigger diskspace
That doesn’t mean he’s going to let them get away
With having stupid plots and, worst of all, bad gameplay

The Spoony One is building up his anger
No G-tard will survive when he explodes

Squall Leonhart and Pumpkinhead are in his head and screaming
They’re telling him reviewing’s easy, wake up from your dreaming
Unleash upon this internet a fury unforeseen
The time has come to snark at every single scene

Burton and Insano stand at the ready
To assist him or even usurp his show
No one cares for poor Spencer D. Bum, give him a chili dog already
And Black Lantern Spoony just won’t stay dead

This guy called Spoony is certifiably loony
Reviewing traumatic games and films
He’ll show no mercy to those who dare say “Sir, you’re in my way!”
He’ll show them all his rage

No system can escape his wrath, from N-E-S to PC
Nor can Italian knock-off directors fight his mean streak
But VHS board games and the Gatecleaner snatched his soul
The worst torment of all awaits in the Blagole
But Spoony won’t despair, he’ll just keep snarking
Bad movies and games deserve to be hurt back

This experiment will suffer no impedent
When the going gets tough Spoony gets going
He’ll let no fuseboxes or false promises get in his way
He’ll destroy them with rage

He’s playing E.T. this time
Now he’s playing The Thing this time
He’s hating FF8 this time
Now it’s back to D&D this time
He’s learning Klingon this time
Now he’s doing Terror TRAX this time
He’s playing with dolls this time
Now he’s doing FMV this time
He’s watching Dragon Strike this time
Now he’s watching Reb Brown this time
He’s playing Dirty Dancing this time
Now he’s talking bout Knightmare this time
He’s doing Let’s Plays this time
Now he’s dressed up like Curtis this time
He’s playing SWAT4 this time
Now he’s playing Dirty Harry this time
He’s punching LMG this time
Now he’s reading Warrior this time
He’s playing Ripper this time
Now he’s spooning two chicks this time

Dungeon master, film critic, computer science classes
At last he’s found an audience on That Guy With The Glasses
Scarlett is his muse, angry reviewing his passion
While Miles offers his counterpoint in some comedic fashion
His fury makes even Angry Joe pale in comparison
It won’t let him tolerate any trolling or derision
If you think you can mess with him, brother, listen well
He’ll fucking stab you in the brain, and send you straight to hell

The variety on this show is insanity
You never know for sure what he’ll do next
From shitty sequels to crap movies based on video games
They will all feel his rage

He’s playing Street Fighter this time
Now he’s watching Bruce Lee this time
He’s watching Robowar this time
Now it’s back to Terror TRAX this time
He’s playing Bloodwings this time (All will feel his rage)
Now his fans are roasting him this time
He’s watching Strike Commando this time
Now he’s dressed like a girl this time
He’s doing “Wrestle! Wrestle!” this time
Now he’s playing FFX this time
He’s doing a riff this time (All will feel his rage)
Now he’s playing Privateer this time
He’s watching Wing Commander this time
Now he’s in Kickassia this time
He’s watching Highlander this time
Now he’s playing Ultima this time
He’s going to E3 this time
Now he’s streaming X-Com this time
He’s at SGC this time
Now he’s going to PAX this time

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