RiverCityGamers Podcast: 12-24-2013

Unreal outs himself as a Baltimore Orioles fan and Blondeguygamer ponders the throwing of cars.  Nightman39 remembers the good old days of blowing up cars instead of throwing them and SCXCR explores Russian rock and roll car games while avoiding the wrath of Activision-Blizzard.  That, speedrunning marathon and more on this non-Christmasy podcast!

Got a question for us?  Ask it in the comments here or on the YouTube upload, or ask it on the RiverCityGamers facebook page!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014: http://marathon.speeddemosarchive.com/

mp3 version: https://www.mediafire.com/?b0zad9kx7nnfudh

1:28 – Gaming News
20:14 – Upcoming Releases
25:40 – Recent Pickups
30:41 – Discussion Topic: Motor Rock and Blizzard
46:43 – Viewer Questions
47:30 – Video Updates

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