3 responses to “The Bloody Roar Retrospective: Bloody Roar 1

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  2. Hey, SC!

    Knowing what you do about Bloody Roar, if Konami were to FINALLY give the series a reboot (a longshot if there ever was one, but still), would you rather they keep Fox/Hans a guy or change him into a woman? Also, if you’d prefer him to remain a guy, would you rather he keep his transgender identity or ditch it completely?

    • I would keep him a guy, since Jenny’s already been too well-established, and keep the transgender aspects of him. He’s proven to be mentally unstable in other parts of his life, so it’s not out of reason for it to affect other things about him. Not to say transgender things are only for crazy people, but… I’ll just stop now before I dig this hole any deeper.

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